Blackest Autumn

by Vukodlak

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Originally released via in February 2000. Officially released by Realms of Darkness Productions in January 2001 and limited to 1000 copies.


released January 1, 2001

Lord Akhkharu: vocals, guitar, bass, keyboard
Lord Matthias: drums




Vukodlak Meadville, Pennsylvania

Vukodlak is a black metal band from Meadville, Pennsylvania (formed in October 1998 in Erie, PA.) Released two demos in 1999. "Blackest Autumn" mCD released 2000 on; official version released 2001 by Realms of Darkness Productions. Appeared on several compilations 2000-2005. Long period of inactivity led to disbanding in 2007. Reactivated December 2010. New demo in 2012. More to come... ... more

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Track Name: Ol Zodameta
Ol zodamenta, Enay mahorela
Solpeth de ol bial, Ol oecrimi de gi lonshi
Zir gi noquodi lap ton capimao
Gemeganza c ol ozien
Teloah trian niisa de fafen lad
Ol goholor ialpor napta ors
Od uniglag mirc Na
Do monasci Saitan
Track Name: Burnt Horizon
Burnt horizon – Feathers Fall
Final conflict – Silencing all
Snow descending – Hell to pay
Last warmth fading – Ripped away
Truth now glaring – Forced to see
Holy one slaughtered – We are free
Raise your sword to Satan’s throne
War unholy we have won!
Track Name: Twilight
Dayside – the mastery of life
Nightside – magic and belief
Twilight – stress between the worlds

Dayside – gaining the material
Nightside – fantasy becoming real
Twilight – footprints on the Day

Magical means leaving marks on the Day
Reality shaped by dream fantasy
Twilight! Twilight!
Track Name: Quasb A Na
Attack! War!
The Son is defleshed, flayed all around
Dead for eternity, fucked in the ground
The father’s face shattered, slaughter the bastard
Hell’s sword in you infernally, fucker!
Holy Spirit denounced and denied
Death comes ripping to spit on your face!
Attack! War!
Track Name: Blackest Autumn
Lord Lucifer, I call Your unholy name
On this night, this night of Samhain
Prince of Darkness, Angel of Light,
All knees shall storm the gates of god’s place
We will spit on the bastard son’s face
No longer servants of Christ’s fucking lies
No one will weep when the useless one dies

On this blackest autumn night we shall
Rise and lead the armies up from Hell

Purified in the unholy flame
On this night, this night of Samhain
I cast down the robes of the light
And take up the black cloak of might
Storming the gates with Hell’s sword in my hand
Jehovah destroyed by the words of a man
No longer slaves of two thousand year’s lies
No one will care when the useless one dies

On this blackest autumn night we shall
Rise and lead the armies up from Hell
Track Name: Cryptic Passage
Snow crunches beneath my feet
As I traverse the forest path
A soft breeze caresses my skin
Like a mother’s gentle touch
The trees bow down before me
Their skeletal limbs heavy with ice
Naked, alone, desperate
No hope, no warmth, just cold
I’m swallowed in the darkness
Absorbing all the pain
Such torture self-inflected
To learn the truth in being
All this time not knowing why
Searching for the reasons
Only now, in death, do I understand
This cryptic passage called life