Demo 2012

by Vukodlak

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released July 20, 2012

Lord Akhkharu: all instruments and vocals
All music and lyrics by Lord Akhkharu




Vukodlak Meadville, Pennsylvania

Vukodlak is a black metal band from Meadville, Pennsylvania (formed in October 1998 in Erie, PA.) Released two demos in 1999. "Blackest Autumn" mCD released 2000 on; official version released 2001 by Realms of Darkness Productions. Appeared on several compilations 2000-2005. Long period of inactivity led to disbanding in 2007. Reactivated December 2010. New demo in 2012. More to come... ... more

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Track Name: Perseverance (Iron Will)
Time to stake a claim in my own future
Nothing gained with nothing ventured
Cast aside all that is malignant
No excuses and no bullshit

Iron will

I don’t have to ask for your permission
To achieve what has been coming

Iron will

Rising from the ashes like a phoenix
Now reborn through self-reliance

Iron will
No surrender
Iron will
Track Name: Alea Iacta Est
I’ve worn this mask
Ten years or maybe more
I am the wolf
Amongst the herd of sheep
You fail to recognize
The truth is camouflaged
For deep within
My heart still bleeds black

I have got to take control
If my life is to be mine
Alea iacta est
Time to seize the day

You think you own me
I play the game so well
I dress to fit the part
But it’s a fucking joke
You can’t contain my mind
You can’t contain my will
And now the time is nigh
For me to step away

I have got to take control
If my life is to be mine
Alea iacta est
Time to seize the day

So here I am again
Before the crossroads
Behind me: misery
Ahead: a path unworn
I’d rather stand alone
And fail with head high
Than live another day
A slave to apathy