Lycanthropic Aspirations

by Vukodlak

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Collection of rare demos and unreleased tracks from 1998-2012. Released by Victory By Fire Records (Netherlands) on May 30, 2013. CD format limited to 24 copies.


released May 30, 2013

Drums – Lord Akhkharu (tracks: 2, 3), Lord Matthias (tracks: 1, 4, 5, 6)
Guitar, Bass, Vocals – Lord Akhkharu (tracks: all)

Lyrics By – Lord Sedit (tracks: 1), Lord Akhkharu (tracks: 1-6)
Music By – Lord Akhkharu (tracks: all)




Vukodlak Meadville, Pennsylvania

Vukodlak is a black metal band from Meadville, Pennsylvania (formed in October 1998 in Erie, PA.) Released two demos in 1999. "Blackest Autumn" mCD released 2000 on; official version released 2001 by Realms of Darkness Productions. Appeared on several compilations 2000-2005. Long period of inactivity led to disbanding in 2007. Reactivated December 2010. New demo in 2012. More to come... ... more

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Track Name: Oxiayal Abaivoninu
Carved grey stone, ornate designs within
Embodied souls of evil seraphim
Spawn of the demon in an astral plane
Now is the time to open Hell’s gate

The portal ablaze
Electrifying the air
Arise, serpentian king!
So it is done!

The maskim comes forth, seven heads, ten horns
Revelation foretold, the chosen one born
Uphold thy blood, cloaked in the night
A black light eclipse, might shall make right

Oxiayal abaivoninu
With swords in our hands
Oxiayal abaivoninu
Foreclosing the holy one’s plans
Track Name: Perserverance (Iron Will)
Time to stake a claim in my own future
Nothing gained with nothing ventured
Cast aside all that is malignant
No excuses and no bullshit

Iron will

I don’t have to ask for your permission
To achieve what has been coming

Iron will

Rising from the ashes like a phoenix
Now reborn through self-reliance

Iron will
No surrender
Iron will
Track Name: Alea Iacta Est
I’ve worn this mask
Ten years or maybe more
I am the wolf
Amongst the herd of sheep
You fail to recognize
The truth is camouflaged
For deep within
My heart still bleeds black

I have got to take control
If my life is to be mine
Alea iacta est
Time to seize the day

You think you own me
I play the game so well
I dress to fit the part
But it’s a fucking joke
You can’t contain my mind
You can’t contain my will
And now the time is nigh
For me to step away

I have got to take control
If my life is to be mine
Alea iacta est
Time to seize the day

So here I am again
Before the crossroads
Behind me: misery
Ahead: a path unworn
I’d rather stand alone
And fail with head high
Than live another day
A slave to apathy
Track Name: Twilight (2005 Version)
Dayside - mastery of life
Nightside - magic and belief
Twilight - stress between the worlds

Dayside - gaining the material
Nightside - fantasy becoming real
Twilight - footprints on the Day

Magical means leaving marks on the Day
Reality shaped by dream fantasy
Track Name: Impaled
Leather/latex/vinyl fetish
Tied up/fucking/til you're bleeding
Track Name: A Vampire's Lament
The forest envelops me, holds me in her twisted arms
No eyes can penetrate the blackness of her funeral shroud
Here, alone, I contemplate the stillness of the moonless night
Just as my grief-struck heart mourns that which once had been

All that I’ve grown to love withers like autumn leaves
I have so keenly seen (the) fragility of mortal life
Will death, my savior, come (and) erase this eternal pain?
Shall I continue on, doomed to roam in solitude?

Memories of promises
Nothing was said of this
Torturous insanity
Stagnant in a world of change